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1440p, 144Hz – The New Standards For Gaming Monitors

Since 2015, 144Hz monitors has been a buzz-word for high-performing monitors designed for gamers. The extremely high refresh rates has provided a revolution towards gaming experience for games where fps rate is directly linked to gaming experience. Those extra milliseconds to react have become a high demand in a high-end monitor segment which puts a new meaning to the quote “time is money”.

Contrary to the saying, the grass does not always look greener when you exchange a standard 60Hz monitor with an IPS panel with a faster TN-panel monitor. Colour saturation, accuracy and span is often sacrificed for speed which is acceptable when playing E-sports or gaming for money. However, the gamers who prioritize the graphical scenes of the game are being neglected. Another sacrifice was the resolution – as the speed where initially offered for Full HD resolutions only which again limits the viewing space of the game for the sake of those golden hertz. “Rich” gamers where the ones who could afford the 800$+ for a 2K 144Hz monitor and even they came with speed sacrifices in terms of GtG and input lag when compared to their Full HD cousins.

With the pace of the technology sector being so fast that it sometimes tends to reverse the rate of inflation we all knew it was a simple matter of time (and not a long wait) before we would see 2K 144Hz monitors at a reasonable, dare I say almost standardized prices. The thrill of this new era which is among us motivated me to list all relevant 2K 144Hz monitors in a table – this further emphasizes what I mean when I say that the prices allow these specs to be a new standard for gamers.

4k Monitors are the next upcoming standard for gaming monitors.