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LG27UD88 USB-C IPS 4K UHD Monitor Review

The 27UD88 USB-C IPS 4K UHD from LG is one of those rare monitors that is superbly attractive and at the same time gives a flawless performance. It comes with an array of cool specs that include like IPS display, a versatile USB port and FreeSync functionality that proves to be boon for gamers. While the sleek looks of the 27UD88 strike an instant chord with the user, its technology gives you excellent visual qualities and the ability to use it with a wide range of gadgets.

A well-rounded package

LG27UD88 review

This is a 4K monitor that has been built with the needs of gaming enthusiasts in mind. Its FreeSync functionality combined with a superb input lag makes it the obvious choice of gamers. Above all, it is an a great all-around monitor that can be synced with a variety of PC applications. Be it the regular home computing, video editing, photo editing, gaming or high end official work; with this monitor at your disposal you can so everything without the slightest feeling of inadequately equipped. Maybe this is the most appealing thing about the 27UD88. The monitor is versatile enough to offer something for everyone and that too without compromising on quality. Only a few models in the marketplace are so well-rounded packages of looks and performance. For such a sleek and performance oriented monitor you will have to pay the price. But given the kind of features and sturdiness you get in the deal, the price tag won’t make you uncomfortable.
Stunning looks

Our first impression of any product starts with the looks and on that front, the 27UD88 scores more points than any other 4K monitor. It simply looks stunning and adds to the aesthetics of every space, be it your home, office or a gaming studio. While the white monitor gives the monitor an elegant look, the almost bezel-free display adds oodles of style to your work space. For extra sturdiness, it comes with a curved supporting platform and vertical stand.

Easy to use

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The adjustable stand of the 27UD88 makes it very easy to use the monitor. This is a simple feature but adds a lot to the desirability factor. You can rotate the monitor to a vertical or portrait position and also reset the height to suit your preferred viewing angle. All you have to do is simply rotate the screen to your favorite position and it stays there. This simple procedure allows you to concentrate on the work without worrying about the viewing angle.
Great connectivity

What makes the 27UD88 a much sought after monitor is the connectivity choices it offers. It comes with an advanced USB-C port for 4K video at 60Hz. Other high quality multimedia and assorted audio can be connected with this monitor without any hassles. The USB 3.0 ports and HDMI ports of the 27UD88 add to the versatility of this monitor. For gaming enthusiasts the monitor offers the convenience of a DisplayPort 1.2 as well.
Why the 27UD88 4k monitor is the best

The LG 27UD88-W 4K UHD monitor has the ability to cater to the needs of a wide range of users. It is highly recommended for gamers who run AMD GPUs in their PCs. This monitor is also a great device for office and home use. You won’t exactly find it to be cheap as such, but given a kind of technical specs, brand value and sturdiness it offers you will be more than happy to pay the price.